Do you eat Cheese? You should, Researchers say Vitamin K in cheese surely helps to prevent Coronavirus

Vitamin K
Eat proper amounts of the diet containing Vitamin K supplements. It helps keep Coronavirus away

The Coronavirus pandemic is currently wiping down entire populations across the world. As scientists keep working on a cure, many researchers provide information about prevention. A previous study showed how Vitamin D helps to control death rates in Coronavirus cases. However, new research puts all its focus on cheese, a source of Vitamin K. According to these researchers, Vitamin K has the potential to ward off Coronavirus.

Patients who suffer from COVID-19 have actually tested from problems related to Vitamin K deficiency. However, this does not mean that cheese is the only medicine. Because you need to consume any and all vitamin-rich nutrients which include food sources like spinach, eggs, and certain cheeses. Scientists believe that a change in diet could partly be an answer to combating the illness.

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Vitamin K may help prevent Coronavirus

One of the research objectives was to find a link between deficiency and the severe symptoms of coronavirus. Vitamin K is essential in the production of proteins responsible for regulating blood clotting. Moreover, it can also protect against lung disease.

Since COVID-19 causes blood clotting and leads to the degeneration of elastic fibers in the lungs, researchers believe that boosting the body’s supply of vitamins can combat the disease.

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Dutch scientists are currently waiting for proper funding for the clinical trial. But they urge people to consume healthy doses of vitamin K. According to Dr. Rob Janssen, one of the researchers, even if the vitamin proves not to benefit patients with coronavirus, it will still do wonders for one’s bones, blood vessels, and lungs.

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