Do you experience a shift in Earth’s crust? Earth North Magnetic Pole is moving at a speed of 60 km/year towards Siberia!


The Earth is moving as we speak. The planet’s magnetic fields are constantly moving towards Siberia and scientists have no answer. However, this led to an immediate update in the World Magnetic Model (WMM). This refers to the representation of the planet’s magnetic field used in the navigation systems across the world. A recent study published in the Geoscience journal shows a supposed cause behind the unexpected event.

The entire phenomenon is occurring due to the presence of two large potholes of “negative magnetic flux” under Canada and Siberia. The magnetic field of Earth is a result of the swaying movement of the molten iron core. In 1831 the planet’s magnetic north pole was first taken into account. But over the past few decades, the position has changed by a lot. This change was however very small. The planet was moving at a rate of 6 miles/year. But after since the 2000’s the planet is moving at a rate close to that of 20 miles/year.

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What is causing Earth to shift its Magnetic North pole

The phenomenon is a part of a “linear movement” going on in the Earth’s crust. The team looked at high-resolution geomagnetic data collected over the last two decades and found two large magnetic patches beneath Canada and Siberia.

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While these patches are typical of Earth’s magnetic field as a whole, if they are examined in isolation they could explain the north pole’s recent wanderings. The present two-patch structure of the high-latitude geomagnetic field then defines two ends of a linear conduit of near-vertical field, along which the north magnetic pole can readily travel.

The present condition of the planet’s movement is not too much concerning as far as continental shift matters. Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments section below!

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