Do you feel like you’ve lost your friends? New Facebook application – ‘Campus’ helps you connect with your old college buddies!


Have you seen the movie named ‘The Social Network‘? If not, here’s a little idea for you. It’s about a social networking app developed to help connect people. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, I’m talking about Facebook. But what is more important to notice here is the idea that brought about the Social media platform. Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Facebook did not at first think of it as a global application.

In 2004, sitting in his college-dorm at Harvard University, he launched a very controversial app but with lightheadedness. ‘Facemash‘, as he called it, was used to compare images of female students and rate them out of 10. Of course, he fell into disciplinary actions, but the idea was not bad. Shortly after, this same application brings about a revolution in college study as people use to send study notes instead of checking out girls. Well, that is the beginning of the generation we are living in.

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Facebook: What is Campus?

In 2020, sitting in my room, I constantly swipe and share articles using Facebook. It is the world’s most popular social networking app. The active user base currently stands at 2.5 billion and counting. Whoever is not on Facebook is either not born or has no interest in social life whatsoever. Now, does being on Facebook mean you’re socially accepted? No. But it is not that bad either.

This application brings together people from all parts of the world. But, here lies the problem. What if we don’t want to talk with everyone. What if we just want an app all to a particular group of people. Well, that is what Campus is all about.

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Famous reverse software engineer, Manchun Wong, inspected the application. It helps connect you with your college or school mates. No interruptions from other people whatsoever. Privatizing the application was never really on the agenda. But, if people need something to help them on a daily basis, Mark Zuckerberg will help serve it.

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