Do you have dream to buy real moon? The world largest moon rock is up for sale today but it will cost you $2.5 million!


Many of you out there might have a fantasy of buying the Moon. There are very common proverbs and idioms surrounding the same. But how many of you actually thought that this can come true someday. Christie’s is a company, well-known for selling rare and expensive items. But their latest offering is actually very surprising. The English auction house announced the latest news on April 30, 2020.

According to the official reports available, the British auction house is trying to put the large lunar meteorite up for sale in the upcoming auction. The world’s largest moon rock weighs somewhere around 30 pounds (13.5 Kg). Codenamed as NWA 12691, it is up for “private sale” for a price of $2.5 million. It is the only specimen of its kind to be held up for sale to humans.

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Moon Meteorite: NWA 12691

James Hyslop, Head of Science and Natural History at Christie’s, finds himself lucky to be able to see the piece of Moon every morning in the warehouse. It is quite a different experience altogether to hold up a piece of the galaxy in your hand. Weighing somewhere just over 13.5Kg, it is surely the largest ancient rock ever offered at the British auction house.

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A lot of you may be wondering about this world-class specimen from Moon. This is definitely not a part of the 842 pounds of moon rock brought back from space by NASA astronauts during the 6 Apollo missions. Do not worry, because they remain safely with the NASA government. However, the NWA 12691 is a part of the 30 lunar meteorites. These crashed on Earth around a few 1000 years ago. This is a result of an asteroid collision with the moon, which in turn made moon rocks come flying to our planet.

Many bidders want to get their hands on this piece of lunar rock. Let us know what you plan to do with this if you get the chance to buy it, in the comments box below.

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