Do you remember iPhone 8 when it came out? Apple launches the flagship iPhone SE today at an affordable price!

Iphone SE

Remember the buzz around the iPhone 8 when it launched first, well this reminds you of the nostalgia. The new rendition from Apple, iPhone SE is a modern version of it. Today Apple just launched the iPhone SE, online, amid the Coronavirus lockdown. The phone comes at a pretty affordable cost of around $399.

From the ground up, it has the same chassis configuration as of the iPhone 8. But this means this flagship comes with a small screen of 4.7-inch. It includes large bezels at the top and bottom. The home button sports a Touch ID. Basically, this is a design that has been at Apple’s core since iPhone 6. But this makes the iPhone SE the 5th generation holder of the same design. The company kind of owns a copyright for the design now.

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What’s new about the iPhone SE?

So, you may ask what makes it different from the iPhone 8? Well, for starters this one has a much affordable price tag. But that does not mean it lacks in other areas. This phone comes with a much powerful processor and a better camera. The iPhone SE consists of the Apple A13 Bionic chip. This is the most powerful Apple chip available and is the same as that of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The iPhone SE has a much better lifespan than the iPhone 8 which is priced at $499. The iPhone 8 uses a now outdated A11 chip. The camera is of 12-megapixel and supports a bright flash.

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The phone comes in 3 variants. There’s a 64GB model for $399, a 128GB flagship for $499 and a 256GB one for $599. Like all other iPhones’s this too comes with a free one-year subscription of Apple TV.

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