Do you think China is at fault with the pandemic? Chinese authorities try to clear Wuhan as the source of COVID-19, CDC claims it is a victim to the virus

China is the source and the victim of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic started almost 6 months ago, but even today it remains a mystery to all of us. This has led to the rise of several conspiracy theories in the online world. However, all of them point towards one country, China. Almost all of the allegations lead to the fact that the virus spread from a lab situated in Wuhan.

Some theories are as wild as the fact that maybe the USA built the virus and spread it in China, through an athlete. But, none of this matters now, because the entire world is suffering the same fate.

Chinese authorities, including the CDC China, claim that China is not responsible for the spread of the virus. But the country is surely a victim of the pandemic. Previous reports show that Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was point zero for the pandemic.

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Wet markets in Wuhan: Cause or Victim

The Coronavirus was always reported to be a product of Wuhan’s wet market. An interview with the Chinese TV Network, Phoenix Television, Gao Fu, Director of China’s CDC says that none of the animals from January in the wet market tested positive for the virus. Even though the authorities put pressure on the fact that all organisms are clear from COVID-19. The public is not ready to accept this fact. People feel that Wuhan is the source of Coronavirus, not the victim.

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But the wholesale market of Wuhan can be the victim as well as the super spreader for coronavirus. Mainly because the market never completely closed even after the COVID-19 pandemic started. This might be the main reason why people believe it is the root cause of Coronavirus. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below!

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