Do you use mouthwash regularly? Cardiff University researchers shows gargling with Mouthwash can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus!

Leading experts to hope that famous mouthwash brands could eliminate COVID-19 in the throat before it reaches the lungs.

The Coronavirus is an RNA-virus which consists of an outer lipid covering from the host cell from where it starts to grow. It is sensitive towards agents which disturb liquid lipid cell membranes. However, there has been no discussion about an oral rinsing solution to help prevent Coronavirus transmission.

A new study from the school of Medicine, Cardiff University, tries to detect viral lipid destruction using dental mouthwash. Many studies show that components like ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, and even povidone-iodine can help disrupt lipid membranes of many enclosed viruses. But it was not clear if it will work effectively on the Coronavirus.

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Mouthwash can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus

Scientists analyze the components of mouthwash to test for their potential to disrupt SARS-CoV-2 viral envelope. Even though it is an unnatural method, it is seen that mouthwash helps reduce the amount of COVID-19 transmission. The study credits and highlights all credible clinical articles about mouthwash.

Very safe use of mouthwash is through gargling. However, the public health bodies in the United Kingdom, have not yet considered it in their schedule. But, in a few test-tube experiments and clinical evaluations, mouthwash shows enough antiviral ingredients to destroy lipid membranes of Coronavirus.

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Professor O’Donnell adds that Mouthwash has not been in a test against the new strains of coronavirus yet. This study suggests further clinical studies could be worthwhile based on the theoretical evidence. It is definitely proof that mouthwash has the ability to destroy the lipid layer of many viruses. But what is left is to understand its use against the new forms of Coronavirus.

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