Do you want to leave binge drinking? Study shows how to avoid this alcohol addiction


Alcohol abuse is a very important health issue around the world. People start drinking mildly before going into full binge drinking mode. But one must remember that high levels of stress see the worst case of alcohol consumption. It is never too late to leave drinking and lead a happy life without alcohol. New research conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina will help you leave alcohol consumption.

The published report explains how to manipulate stress centers in our brain. The stress signals in our body can be altered to gain control over alcohol abuse. Binging alcohol consumption is not an unusual pattern of alcohol abuse. It is a very high-risk behavior that includes the development of alcohol use disorder. Howard C. Becker is leading the team of researchers from MUSC.

But this risky alcohol addiction can actually be under control. If one is to follow proper instructions, a potential strategy is out there to help reduce alcohol risk problems. Because of the research, scientists successfully found a brain cell that can be manipulated to reduce such patterns.

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The connection between narcotics and binge drinking

But the receptor cell is actually an opioid receptor cell that is responsible for narcotic addiction. Normally narcotic substances like opium, heroin, cocaine, morphine, and oxycodone act on these receptor cells. This gives your body a sense of pleasure. However, this is the reason why people turn towards these substances for addiction.

But there is in fact one opioid receptor cell that plays no part in the pleasure activities. The research shows that the Kappa opioid receptors are an oxymoron to the other receptor cells. When people drink the other opioid receptors come into action while providing pleasure. But when the pleasure effects draw over and you start to feel a headache, and nauseate that is when these Kappa receptors come into action. The moment your head feels heavy you start to drink to relive the pleasure parts.

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So, blocking the Kappa opioid receptors in the extended amygdala will serve as the therapy to extensive binge drinking problems.

In the end, you are the one responsible for binge alcohol consumption. So, try to leave it yourself without any medical intervention.

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