Doctors demand to eliminate Coronavirus from Massachusetts government


Recently, dozens of doctors have shown their support to a letter that contains the signature of many doctorswhich wants governments’ to interest to eliminate coronavirus.

Furthermore, this letter was signed by dozens of doctors in the commonwealth of Massachusetts on Friday. The Letter was in support of showing interest to insist state government to take aggressive action against coronavirus.

World Health Organization has already, declared Novel coronavirus as a pandemic.

The Letter consistent with the list of a shortage of equipment requires preventive measures and treatment. Further, the letter also states about the requirements of a more licensed laboratory center for testing suspects of coronavirus. Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a lack of equipment for taking preventive measures from COVID-19. Moreover, the letter has a list of several gaps in government strategy to eliminate COVID-19. As Massachusetts has a lack of authorized hospitals and laboratories for testing coronavirus suspects.

Is the state government of Massachusetts lacking facility for treating coronavirus?

Doctors have requested the government authority to provide facilities and AIDS to open more hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus.  Further, the lack of license of hospitals and testing centers has increased waiting time for getting suspects for the diagnosis.
Because of which patients have to sit for a long time for getting laboratory tests done.
The patient has to gather at the waiting hall and wait for a long time, which spreads the infection. Furthermore, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a lack of facilities and equipment for testing the suspects.

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Dozen of doctors have demanded, to organize the system for fighting against COVID-19. Moreover, the death rate from Coronavirus is increasing day by day. In addition to the above, doctors are asking for permission to allow local hospitals to test for COVID-19. In addition to the above, they are demanding the government to take strict action against eliminating the COVID-19.

Therefore, Governor Charles Baker during a meeting held on Friday, announces “that there is the prohibition on events or meetings, where the gathering of more than 250 people take place”. Even more, he told, that schools are getting proper guidance for handling situations, And how to deal with a family, where a person is suffering from infection may student or parents. Further, he says that decision should be based on the individual institute and situation.

What are the doctor’s demands?

Doctors have the urge to declare holidays and shut down schools for a few days as a preventive measure.

For the safety of citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, meeting and gathering events should be ban. The letter also calls for special attention in vulnerable locations and monitor the overall population. Further, creating awareness for the prevention of COVID-19 among the citizen, And the establishment of more COVID-19 diagnosis centers.

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