Does another Earth exist in our Universe? Yes, Scientists find Proxima b, a planet similar to that of ours!

Earth is not the only planet with an accurate mass in the universe! Scientists find Proxima b, a planet which has the same Earth-mass

In the history of exoplanetary science, the discovery of Proxima b is of the most importance. However, the limited precision of the available data of radial velocity leads to the difficulty in modeling stellar activity. This will further help confirm the details about the Earth-like planet. A new research study that uses the ESPRESSO spectrograph confirms the presence of Proxima b, a planet similar to that of Earth.

Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) confirmed the presence of Proxima b near our universe. The team of researchers also refined the planetary parameters in order to go deep into data analysis. Scientists say that Proxima b has a mass which is 1.17 times the earth mass. It is also situated in a habitable zone around its star and orbits in 11.2 days.

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Proxima Centauri b: A planet similar to Earth

The ESPRESSO spectrograph can measure radial data from planets with the precision of 30cm/s which is three times better than HARPS. The present scenario suggests the presence of a similar atmosphere in the alien planet. According to many researchers, Proxima b is the perfect candidate for potential biomarker research. But further research is needed before we can establish the presence of life on the planet.

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Research data shows the presence of a protective atmosphere layer that protects the planet from deadly rays. Also, further research will show us the exact chemical composition present in the atmospheric layer of the planet. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is building an ELT 39 m giant telescope to observe such planets more closely.

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