Does your smartphone pollute the air? This Earth Day lets look at a few such Smartphone Companies

Earth Day

Earth Day 2020 is has arrived, but we are not ready to face it. It has been 50 years since the launch of the movement, but there is a very small improvement globally. Currently, the Coronavirus lockdown is keeping the environments greener than expected. This Earth Day several companies pledge to innovate green tech in order to reduce pollution. This is a fantastic decision, especially at a time of critical climate shifts.

The new generation of technology has finally invented something worthy of getting the green-tech badge. That is ‘wireless charging‘. Wires are not only messy but are also very harmful to the environment due to the presence of non-reusable silicon layer and copper wires. Overall most of the smartphone companies are moving towards smarter and greener tech. While some company officials are more confident in claiming the greenness of the company, others stay calm and composed and let the general public decide for them.

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This Earth Day lets find out which companies are eco-friendly!

Well, the very first company on our list is Samsung. This is because of their tagline “Planet First.” Naturally, anyone having such taglines will be the frontrunner in terms of eco-friendliness. But surprisingly enough they do not boast about it.

In the year 2020 Samsung plans to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas productions, GHG emissions, as well as there liquid usage. Since 2004, Samsung flaunts its Eco-design process on its website. It analyzes the products’ environmental damage rate. This helps design phones having a low impact on your environment. Samsung Galaxy S10 sports 35%  biomaterials usage for the deco part in front. Samsung uses a 20% reusable paper for charging cases and 70% recyclable paper in the shipping box.

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Motorola is not as good an eco-friendly company like Samsung. At least from the public point of view, they do not seem like acting on any environmental issues. The company has an environmental impact section on the company’s website. But they do not update it accordingly. This Earth Day, the company aims to use 25% recyclable plastic within the next 2-3 years.

A Motorola subsidiary, Lenovo, however, tries to keep up with the environmental changes. They have a complete plan laid out to help achieve eco-friendly goals.

Other companies include Fairphone, Google, and Apple who are fighting environment issues using tech on a yearly basis. Let us know what you think about these companies’ policies in the comments below.

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