Dogs can help us win the Coronavirus pandemic, Research shows dogs can now identify COVID-19 patients!


The dog’s ability for profound sniffing is used on our planet for a long time. In times of wars, the sniffer dogs used to find out bomb spots and enemy territories. In day to day police activities, the dog helps find the criminals. Scientists are currently training dogs to help find Coronavirus patients. This move will surely help identify COVID-19 cases more quickly and may put an end to this pandemic.

This strategy of using dogs in medical duties is not a new thing. Dogs can help identify medical ailments like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, and malaria. But the researchers are also taking help from the Medical Detection Dogs organization. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) hope the dogs will be ready within 6 weeks.

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How can dogs detect Coronavirus in humans?

This procedure takes place because of ARCTEC director, James Logan who says the dogs have a track record of detecting many health ailments like malaria patients with extremely accurate results. This procedure is not only highly efficient but also more effective than WHO’s diagnostic standards. for COVID-19 is however not clear, because the scientists still don’t know if COVID-19 has a signature smell. But some SARS related respiratory ailments change the body odor. They hope the same is the case with Coronavirus. Once the researchers confirm the same, the dogs will be a part of the non-invasive detection techniques and screening tests.

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The researchers also note that dogs can detect subtle changes in skin temperature, which can seem effective to detect fever in patients. Currently, the plan is to assign dogs at different checkpoints. The dogs will hopefully help us win the Coronavirus pandemic.

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