Humans use maps to navigate while dogs use magnetic field to do so in 2020

You can only dream of the ability that dogs have to use the Magnetic field to navigate

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend as they are the most loyal companion that one can have and we sometimes depend too much on our four-legged companions. Their sense of smell is far stronger than our own and their eyesight can detect even the slightest movement. As the new research paper reveals, they appear to be in tune with Earth’s magnetic field in a way that allows them to find shortcuts when traveling.

Normally humans use powerful smartphones and maps to help us navigate freely in this world. However, dogs have the ability to navigate towards a goal by forging new, more efficient paths than the ones they already know. This hints towards an ability that helps sense direction and location based on an internal compass that, thus far, has gone unstudied.

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Dogs use Earth’s magnetic field to navigate

As part of the research, the team tracked dogs using GPS while taking them on excursions into forested areas. By mapping the dogs’ behaviors when they ventured off on their own, the researchers came up with three types of exploring behavior.

The “tracking” behavior is characterized by the animal following the same path to return to their origin point as they took when they first ventured out. This is typically what humans do by forging a path and then using that path to find their way back without getting lost.

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Unique conduct, which the researchers referred to as “scouting,” unearths that canines can go back and forth blindly right into a wooded location, succeed in their turning level at which they determined to move again, after which take a fully another trail to make it again to the similar position they began. The researchers additionally noticed circumstances of combos of either one of those tactics, with canines tracing their course backward sooner than breaking into a brand new trail that used to be extra environment friendly to achieve their vacation spot.

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