Donald Trump was wrong! WHO finally claims that hydroxychloroquine is useless against COVID-19

Donald Trump fails again! Researchers conclude the game-changing Hydroxychloroquine is of no use against Coronavirus

WHO announced its plans to completely suspend all Coronavirus therapy trials related to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). This decision is the result of reports received from the United States and other countries in the world. However, this should be no surprise for the general public. Because countries like Belgium, France, and Italy already suspended the use of the malarial drug in their nations.

President Donald Trump, a person with no previous medical background, claimed that hydroxychloroquine can help cure COVID-19. However, the research study shows a completely different result. The president fails to deliver true facts once again as the malarial drug backfires. Yes, the drug has a probability to cure Coronavirus. But you will not live for long after that.

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Hydroxychloroquine will not cure Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation’s top scientist says it’s now been definitively proven that the cheap malaria drug hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work in stopping deaths among people hospitalized with the new coronavirus. But Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said there could still be a role for the drug in preventing people from catching COVID-19 in the first place and noted that clinical trials testing hydroxychloroquine’s role in this are ongoing.

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The UN health agency announced this week that it is suspending the hydroxychloroquine arm of its own trial testing various experimental therapies for COVID-19. FDA also issued a warning against the use of this drug for treating any Coronavirus related health cases. Though it is not a through and through result, the use of hydroxychloroquine needs to be under wraps for now.

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