From Starlink to Neuralink Elon Musk makes device that can stream music in brain directly

Elon Musk
Starlink to Neuralink Elon Musk plans to cover every domain from space travel to brain health

Elon Musk’s new startup intends to control and map the brain functions properly. Neuralink will now allow you to stream music directly into your brain. The startup and its unique vision will be shared with the world on August 28. Headphones are going to become a thing of the past very soon as Musk confirms the question of computer scientist Austin Howard.

At this moment very little has been revealed about the startup. The only glimpse so far was in 2019 during a keynote, whereby the company showcased a device that was connected to the brain using holes in the skull, which were drilled by lasers. The technical mastermind keeps surprising us with all of his Starlink satellite constellations and his new funky earpiece project.

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Elon Musk introduces Neuralink to change the future

This new innovative product has very little to do with pleasure, but more with scientific treatment. The theory says that if the brain can be accessed and remotely controlled, diseases that render one inept like Parkinson’s might finally become more controllable.

The brain-mapping technology’s plans to beam music into one’s brain have not been revealed yet. No detail on how this will be achieved without bypassing the ear and other body restraints in the way.

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While responding to a tweet about whether the devices could stimulate the release oxytocin, serotonin, and other chemicals when needed, without giving any details, Elon Musk responded with another positive response.

The technology to send music straight to one’s brain already exists, but its functioning is different. It does this by sending vibrations to the skull. On the other hand, Neuralink intends to do this by stimulating neurons.

The approach towards this is very unique and will actually help solve a lot of problems along with providing the best multimedia solution. The solution is very much similar to the ones seen in science fiction movies and will actually help take care of a lot of problems which include mental health too.

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