Epic Games Store teases a free game in advance! Reports claim GTA 5 will be releasing for free tomorrow amid the COVID-19 lockdown


Within the next 3 hours, we will get to know more about the surprising mystery game box from the Epic Games store. However, according to a few rumors, it is possible that the company is leading to something exciting. Apparently the official twitter account posted an official announcement about the release of GTA 5. But within minutes of the situation, the company took the post down from its official social media handles.

Many believe this is part of a publicity stunt from the organization. Many don’t think it is a result of an accident release. Epic Games Store is well known for such kinds of a PR stunt. Because the company pulled off such a PR stunt while launching FORTNITE for free in the game store.

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GTA 5: free on Epic Games

Even after 7 years of its launch, Grand Theft Auto v has been the most popular game on Steam. It boasts the largest active player base in the already. There is a very high chance that you have already played the game. But even if you have not to wait for a few hours before you get your free copy available here.

This is a very good time to indulge in playing GTA V, mainly because it will help you pass the COVID-19 lockdown without boring you out. Also, there is some pretty exciting stuff going on in GTA V Online. Players are currently staging an alien invasion of some kind.

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Grand Theft Auto has always been a prime game since the beginning of the 21st century. There is still no update on the development process of GTA 6. However, it will come soon, because 7 years have passed since the launch of GTA 5.

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