Exoplanet like Earth: NASA warns that GJ 1132b planet lose one atmosphere but surprisingly progressed another!

The Exoplanet like earth Gliese 1132b also referred to as GJ 1132b planet is discovered in 2015 which is a red dwarf planet.

NASA stated that this is the first time when a planet or exoplanet like earth is reforming like this; this is very sensational and exciting.

What NASA said about gj 1132b

NASA expressed in its Twitter handles that ” This rocky planet may have lost its one atmosphere but gained another! Hubble studied an Exoplanet and found it may have a secondary atmosphere caused by volcanic activity”

Exoplanet like earth

NASA regularly shares its Achievements and news via Twitter handle.

In the official Twitter statement for the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, they communicated about the rugged planet which relinquished one atmosphere but attained another.

NASA stated,

This rocky planet may have lost one atmosphere, but gained another!

Hubble studied an earth like exoplanet (a planet outside our solar system) and found that it might have a secondary atmosphere caused by volcanic activity

GJ 1132b is a rocky dwarf exoplanet found on 10 May 2015 and confirmed on November 2015.

The planet is supposed to uninhabitable but cool enough to acquire an atmosphere.

The Exoplanet GJ 1132b considered one of the most important planets ever discovered outside of our solar system. Since It is Earth like Exoplanet, its Properties similar to the Earth.

Earth like exoplanet

So, it is for scientists to determine its composition and possible alterations. The diameter of the GJ 1132 exoplanet is 20% greater than that of Earth’s diameter. And mass is approximately 1.6 times the earths.

In April 2017, a hydrogen-dominated atmosphere was acknowledged to have been observed around Gliese 1132 b. So this Exoplanet has a greater possibility to be similar to earth.

 In 2021, detection of a vague hydrogen atmosphere without helium occurs but with the admixture methane and hydrogen cyanide was claimed.

Basic Characteristics of gj 1132b Exoplanet like earth:

Discovered byMEarth-South Array Team
Discover siteChile
Discovery dateMay 10, 2015 (announced)
November 12, 2015 (confirmed)
Detection methodTransit
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period1.6 d
StarGJ 1132
Physical characteristics
Mean radius1.2 R⊕
Mass1.6 M⊕
Temperature410 K (137 °C; 278 °F)

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