Facebook becomes the common platform to spread hate for HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine
HPV vaccine Anti Vaxxers use social media to influence negativity on Facebook in 2020

The social media giant Facebook is currently on the radar for spreading uncontrolled posts about HPV vaccine all over the world. The social media platform is very famous for spreading misinformation and running an agenda against anything in the world. The HPV vaccine is one of the most run-down agenda on Facebook.

Facebook has allowed “anti-vaxxers” to gain a stronger voice against the use of the human papillomavirus vaccine, according to a new study from a media expert at the University of Missouri. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 80 million Americans are infected with HPV, and 14 million new cases occur annually. HPV is also associated with genital warts and six types of cancer in men and women, including cervical and throat cancer.

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Facebook does not moderate post related to HPV Vaccine

The representation of the HPV vaccine has not only worsened, but negative posts toward the HPV vaccine have received more public engagement, and evidence shows that these negative posts have generated momentum for other related negative posts.

It would be one thing if we only saw just the negative information out there. But there’s also negative momentum carried by these posts, and if negative posts are encouraging more people to post other negative content, then we can predict how the conversation is going to go and that people are also being influenced by the messages they see. Therefore Facebook needs to figure out a way in order to check these things.

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