Facebook Gaming gets banned again for iOS! Apple store strikes down on Mark Zuckerberg for the 5th time

Apple Store
Facebook Gaming faces backlash from Apple for the fifth time in a row

Apple is still continuing to strike down the Facebook Gaming app for all iOS devices. Apple store is still not going to launch the app even after requests from CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. This is actually a big threat to the live stream gaming service for Apple Arcade. However, according to unofficial sources, this is the fifth time Apple rejected Facebook Gaming.

Facebook’s marketing and distribution team are not acting unusual though. This is because they have been trying to launch the app for iOS devices since February. However, none of their pleas works for them. In terms of the Apple store, the games section is the most lucrative area in terms of all applications.

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Apple Store denies launch to Facebook Gaming for 5th time

Apple recently generated almost $15 billion as a direct revenue income from the gaming store. Apple claims that adding the new application will harm their business. App Store rules also don’t support the launch of any application which will distribute games as a third party platform. The tech giant does not want the App Store and Apple Arcade to take a hit in business by launching this app.

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Therefore, they have chosen not to support Mark Zuckerberg’s product. This meant disallowing the launch of Facebook gaming in the Apple Store. However, Apple Arcade is trying to create the same thing. The world’s top video game developers are trying to build the arcade for the advantage of iOS device owners. But the main concern is whether people will prefer this over the already available Facebook Gaming app in Google Play store.

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