Fake information outburst leads Instagram to delete COVID-19 posts from ‘recommendations’


The Facebook-owned company, Instagram announced on Tuesday to pull out all coronavirus related posts from its recommendation page. Unless posted by a credible health organization any such posts will not appear on your feed anymore. This step is taken to stop spreading panic among netizens. The amount of misinformation spread on these social media platforms is huge. Such behavior attracts mass hysteria. This step will avoid any such incident.

Previously Twitter Incorporated restricted users from posting misleading information about the new coronavirus. Twitter ended up tightening its normally lax rules around speech. Facebook currently provides free advertisements to the World Health Organization (WHO) as it seeks to ensure users are not misinformed about the virus.

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Spreading misinformation and other conspiracy theories using social media platforms is a crime in many countries.

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Instagram will also be providing local-area data about the coronavirus outbreak so that users can have easy access to correct official information. “Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus: See the latest information from the World Health Organization so you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. — Go to who.int” says the message.

The app alerts users when content is reported as false by 3rd party agencies, but it doesn’t only stop there. Instagram takes into account the possibility of misinformation to spread through stories. So the AR filter rules have changed. Anyone going against these will be facing consequences. They will face a ban on their account.

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