FDA warns against using Hydroxychloroquine to treat Coronavirus patients but Health care workers see positive results in patients suffering from diabetes!

Research study shows that the anti-malarial drug has a major role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis in all patients.

Researchers are considering the risks and benefits of hydroxychloroquine treatment before administering it to the patients. Currently, there is no official drug to treat coronavirus. However, many health authorities in the United States, France, Belgium, and even Italy plan against the use of the anti-malarial drug. FDA has already released a warning which talks about the cardiac problems related to hydroxychloroquine. But recent research studies show the positive effects of HCQ on patients suffering from diabetes and COVID-19.

A research study shows that the anti-malarial drug has a major role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis in all patients. Clinical trials prove that the drug helps improve insulin sensitivity. This is a major part of the treatment for diabetes patients. It helps increase insulin secretion and reduces any inflammation.

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Hydroxychloroquine: Treatment for diabetes and coronavirus

The most important point to notice here is that the drug comes with its own sets of side effects. The anti-malarial drug masse up with your cardiac rhythm which can prove to be fatal in some cases. However, the proper dosage of the drug can help cure diabetes and coronavirus. The time needed for fully eradicating either of the diseases depends on the extent of infection.

The research study notes that cardiac arrhythmias do not always occur in people treated with hydroxychloroquine. Sometimes it happens with people already suffering from cardiac ailments. Cocktail medicines are not prescribed anymore because of this reason. It deteriorates the conditions of the patients further.

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Overall, the drug can be a lifesaver if taken under proper guidance. Otherwise, it may cause you more harm than the disease itself. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below!

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