Firefox launches new Address Bar while Mozilla keeps calm in the Coronavirus pandemic!


Mozilla just came out with a new updated version of Firefox. Firefox 75 introduces a newly revamped address bar working to improve the user’s search experience. Mozilla still tries to maintain the 2020 Firefox release schedule amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

But the company’s planning is a little different now to avoid having a negative effect on users’ health services. The company also prioritizes fixing all video conference issues. Mozilla says, ” the updated Firefox version 75 will help users search faster and smarter.”

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What is new in Firefox 75?

The browser also makes it handy dandy for developers. Developers can now lazy-load images by configuring the <img> element’s loading attribute. Firefox developers can now evaluate side-effect-free expressions while they type in the browsers’ console/search bar.

The Ctrl-L command now displays an address bar with a new look and everything feels – large viewport, large fonts, short URLs.


The new address bar keeps an intelligent history option. It helps display a list of frequently visited websites for faster success. If a searched site is already open it will switch to that tab. This saves a lot of time for both, the user and the browser. Shortcuts to popular sites like Amazon or Google are now displayed with keyword suggestions.

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There is also a way now to display a no-frills address bar, the developers can now visit the about: config page and set the following properties to false.


Just like Chrome v74, Firefox 75 too, supports the attributes on the <img> element. The default value is “eager” which loads instantly while “lazy” delays the loading.

Well just like this there are many other new tricks and treat in this new Mozilla update. This is the time when users depend on Internet product and Mozilla has once again proved that they are the best in the industry. Users will no longer have to wait to continue their safe, secure, and smooth web browsing anymore. The Coronavirus pandemic is causing everyone to stay at home. Internet usage has spiked on the other hand. Mozilla releasing this fast and efficient browser in such a relief. Firefox 75 really helps browse faster and smarter. It is the browser we all have been waiting for.

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