First Google now Apple! App Store removed the Chinese TikTok clone Zynn after its disappearance from Play Store

Zynn faces downfall from Apple too after the recent incident with Google Play Store due to an illegal Pyramid scheme.

Zynn, the popular social media video-sharing app is currently facing accusations about illegal business promotion and plagiarism everywhere. Recently Google Play store banned the app and took it down from its server. As if this was not enough, the App Store suddenly dropped the application from their store. All of this led to people properly scrutinizing the app. However, it is plainly visible that the app is a nearly button-to-button copy of the popular Chinese app named TikTok.

But the Zynn app started gaining more attention due to the reward scheme towards paid users to watch videos and sign up other friends. On some levels, this is very similar to a pyramid scheme. However, if you visit their official website there is nothing that you will find there. For those who don’t know, the pyramid scheme is an illegal MLM scam that is notorious for gaining money from people in return for promising them some commission.

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Zynn banned by Apple’s App Store

This is not the first time a TikTok clone was taken down by an application store. Both Google and Apple took down Mitron, an Indian clone of the same app. However, Mitron was not part of any MLM controversy.

The reason behind Zynn’s sudden growth was its reward program where the users got paid for watching videos on the app and for also making other users download the app. As the report, users got $1 for joining the app, $20 for getting another user to join the app, and $10 for making five other users join the app.

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All of these things gave rise to many red flags for the app. This is when major publishing and app launching companies started looking more closely into the app. The plagiarism problem of the app was an “isolated incident”. The added problems of the pyramid scheme led to its downfall.

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