France, Belgium, and Italy plan to ban hydroxychloroquine for treating Coronavirus! WHO to take the decision on pausing all HCQ related trials

Health officials around the world stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19 as research shows it deteriorates heart rhythm

The use of Hydroxychloroquine is not a part of medical advice nowadays for treating Coronavirus. The very first country to raise a voice against the use of this drug was the USA. The warning made other health officials around the world cautious about the effects of the drug. Currently, France, Italy, and Belgium are acting to stop the use of the anti-malarial drug as a treatment for COVID-19. This raise in caution is a result of the questions being asked about the safety of the drug.

On May 27, 2020, France canceled a decree which allowed doctors to dispense the drug, due to the ongoing research. However, the Italian Medicine Agency (AIFA) did not authorize any hydroxychloroquine related treatment for COVID-19 patients. Even though research is going on, the drug does not show any signs of improvement.

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Hydroxychloroquine: Miracle drug or Death drug!

Belgium medicine agency warns against using the drug to treat the effects of COVID-19. The agency also warns against the use of the drug in medical trials. Research organizations need to take potential risks into consideration in order to continue trials.

This sudden change in the path for finding a cure highlights the challenges that researchers around the world are facing. Coronavirus has already killed more than 350,000 people while infecting almost 6 million.

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The moves by three of the countries hardest hit by coronavirus infections and deaths follow a World Health Organization decision on Monday to pause a large trial of hydroxychloroquine due to safety concerns. France’s cancellation, which effectively bans the drug for COVID-19, was confirmed by the health ministry. However, It did not refer to the WHO suspension.

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