Giant Asteroid ‘1998 OR 2’ to pass Earth safely this April, Don’t panic!

 Huge asteroid

The US space agency, NASA uncovered a giant asteroid named ‘1998 OR 2’. This asteroid is way larger than the sea level height of Mount Everest. Humans need not panic as the steroid is not about to collide with our planet.

Researchers at NASA have calculated the trajectory path of the asteroid. The path shows a distance of 64,000,000km between its trajectory and our planet. Even though it’s not a huge distance in terms of astronomy. It is still a very safe distance to avoid any kind of damage.

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Researchers remember a similar situation of 1908 when scientists expected a meteor collision in the Siberian atmosphere. The concerned meteor being considerably smaller in size burnt out while entering the layers of our atmosphere.

Information gathered on Giant Asteroid ‘1998 OR 2

The giant asteroid is named 52768 (1998 OR 2) by the NASA scientists. The asteroid was first spotted by NASA in 1998. It is going to pass by our planet on April 29, 2020, keeping a distance of several kilometers. Its size is huge. This is a reason for concern. But, scientists have reassured that the asteroid is not going to hit Earth. According to astronomers, there are 50-50 chances of such asteroids hitting the Earth every 100 years.

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Can Giant Asteroids cause a mass extinction?

Many researchers believe that the dinosaurs became extinct due to the collision of a huge asteroid.

Asteroids are the members of our solar system. They too revolve around the sun. There are millions of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroids come close to our planet when they drop off from Jupiter’s gravity field. Therefore, space scientists keep an eye on them So, just chill! What do you think is our Earth could end by an asteroid Comment down bellow!!

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