Gmail is down for many users in this lockdown situation! Now what?


The coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to work from home. Now, you may be facing some problems with Gmail, like you might be unable to send E-mails. Gmail is currently facing an outage.

Gmail outage affects almost all users around the world. Some users in India also report not being able to send emails. But the mail service is not the only one hit. Because G Suite customers are facing similar difficulties. This problem is mostly because of being unable to send emails. Because it is taking more than usual time to send emails across. But few other Google services are working fine.

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Downdetector shows the outage report of Gmail!

How did the Gmail outage occur?

This week Facebook and Instagram were affected by data outages for PC and Desktop users in the UK. But the mobile application access was perfect. Many of the users are showing their frustration on twitter saying they cannot get their work done in time. The Coronavirus pandemic has also spiked the daily internet usage. This also affects the daily performance of many applications. The famous problem-tracking website Downdetector says Gmail has received more than 2,500 outage reports on its platform.

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Google did not explain anything officially, but Gmail responded spontaneously to its flood of complaints individually. Most of the outages are in the United States in the East Coast area, according to Downdetector’s outage map. The company’s cloud infrastructure is also facing issues according to the organization’s dashboard.

Gmail normally handles these data outages well. Data outage normally occurs due to increased DOS attacks. DOS attacks or Denial of Service attacks happen normally when a continuously large number of people try to access a server simultaneously. This causes the server to crash on itself. This also explains why companies like Facebook and Gmail are affected the most.

Last time such an outage took place with Google, issues were resolved in an hour.

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