Google and YouTube change policy for 2020! Hackers cannot steal information now

YouTube policies change for good as Google obliges to keep your data safe from hackers

YouTube and Google are currently revisiting all their controversies and trying to fix a few of them. Recently the company was charged with stealing your private information. This also meant that your incognito data was not secure. The company tracked almost everything they could. However, the scenario seems to change a bit for now. This is mainly due to the fact that the company has launched a new set of policies for 2020.

Alphabet, the parent company behind Google and YouTube is currently reviewing all their previous policies and trying to improve on them. The latest improvement sees changes in their history maintaining the policy. The company will not keep your private data even for their own benefit.

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Google and YouTube change their privacy policy

Starting today the moment you turn on location history you will be able to select an auto-delete option that shows two choices. You can delete info from 3 months before as well as 18 months before. Web and App activity auto-delete will mean deleting everything from before the selected time frame.


This includes personal information, metadata, cache, cookies, everything. Google’s introduction of the auto-delete system gives users the choice to have Google track them or not.

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In some ways, the new settings represent a compromise between the privacy interests of users and Google’s business interests as an ad network. A user’s most recent data is also the most valuable since it can be used to target people who have recently engaged with a particular product. By keeping the last 18 months of activity, Google is able to retain most of that ad value while also deleting most of the data that would otherwise be available.

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