Google Chrome comes up with a new racially neutral algorithm! Says no to racism

Google Chrome
Google Chrome stands strong against racism as the search engine comes up with racially neutral code

Google, the world’s most commonly used search engine is also supporting the fight against racism. The technical team behind Google Chrome is also removing “blacklist” and “whitelist” as the company fights racism. The nationwide protests against systemic racism in the United States made Gooogle understand the effect of subtle racism in their systems. However, the tech team immediately started removing coding norms like “blacklist” and “whitelist” from their algorithms.

The new racially neutral code is a big step against the oppressive US government in the fight against racism. The Chromium open source project is mainly concerned with normal coding standards. But after the recent news, the company has provided a guide on how to go on to write racially neutral code.

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Google Chrome: A racially neutral search engine

The Chromium developers have already taken it upon themselves to submit a code change that would safely replace every possible instance of “blacklist” without negatively impacting any part of Google Chrome. The change would ultimately replace the “blacklist” with the term “components/blocklist.” Should the code be accepted by the Google Chrome team, it would replace over 2,000 references to the word.

All of these may be to gain back public support after their recent deeds. After all, the company is still facing a lawsuit for spying on users. This is because of the controversy which involves Chrome’s incognito mode.

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However, the recent introduction of racially neutral code may help gain confidence in the mass. Let us know what you have to say about this in the comments section below! Also, do not forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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