Google Chrome is spying on you in the incognito mode also! Google faces $5 billion lawsuits for invading your privacy

Google Chrome
Google Chrome is currently facing a huge lawsuit amounting up to $5 billion for invading customer’s privacy

Did you really think you were invisible while visiting the incognito tab in chrome? Well, the secret Chrome window may not be as incognito as you think. According to the official lawsuit filed against Google Chrome, the company invades your privacy, even when it’s not supposed to. Everyone is aware of how Google works with the normal tabs, but it becomes a real problem when the same happens in incognito mode.

Previously Google was tried on the court for snooping on the user’s activity in the normal window. Even though it is wrong, it was part of their policy. But the entire ordeal seems to be a cheat because now the same is confirmed for the incognito tab. The incognito browser basically exclaims that Google will not snoop on the user’s activity in this tab. Turns out it was all a deception. Google Chrome is currently facing a huge lawsuit amounting up to $5 billion.

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Google Chrome: Where is privacy?

The company promises that the users can browse the web securely and privately and also staying control of what data they want to share with the corporation. But it does not matter what you choose because the company will continue to collect and identify your data in real-time. This stands in contradiction to the federal laws and is a direct violation of the consumer’s right to privacy.

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Google currently stands strong to defend all of these allegations aggressively. Google spokesperson, Jose Castaneda says the company is ready to defend all their claims. But that is not the point of discussion. Even if Google comes up with an explanation to prove its point, it will still mean that the company was lying always. Recently, Facebook also faced allegations for snooping into user data.

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