Google Doodle pays tribute to Dilhan Eryurt, the mastermind behind NASA Apollo 11

Dilhan Eryurt
Google pays tribute to the woman behind Apollo 11! Dilhan Eryurt was a mastermind

Google Doodle is celebrating the life of Dilhan Eryurt with a cartoon of the late Turkish astrophysicist. The picture sees Dilhan Eryurt, who died in 2012, staring at stars and planets, the origins of which she helped uncover for Nasa in the 1960s. Born in western Turkey in 1926, Eryurt graduated with a degree in mathematics and astrophysics from Istanbul University shortly after the end of the Second World War, before moving to Canada in 1959 to work for the International Atomic Energy Agency.

After this experience, Dr. Eryurt worked at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center where she collaborated with Alastair G. W. Cameron, on research on Solar evolution. During this period, she was the only woman astronomer working at the institution.

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Google Doodle pays tribute to Dilhan Eryurt

The astrophysicist was awarded the Apollo Achievement Award, given in recognition for outstanding contributions to this field.

She was given this prestigious award for her successful work contributing to the achievement of the Apollo 11 mission’s first landing on the moon and subsequent lunar exploration, by providing NASA engineers with crucial information for modeling solar impact on the lunar environment.

She spent two years at the Goddard Institue before she went to the University of California to work on a research study about the formation and development of main-sequence stars.

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Professor Dilhan Eryurt came to Turkey and organized the first National Astronomy Congress in 1968. She was one of the most inspiring women in the field of astrophysics and even today only a handful of people can come close to her professional level. The woman behind the memorable Apollo 11 has many such achievements and the space world will remember her forever.

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