Google helps you enjoy the Coronavirus lockdown, Play Google Doodle mini-games, and stay safe at home


Currently, the entire world is following strict lockdown procedures due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People are staying inside with more or less nothing to do. But such emptiness starts messing with your mental health. Depression is seeping into a lot of minds as stress increases due to the economic downfall. But, as always, Google has an answer for everything. Google is currently launching popular Doodle mini-games to help you pass time effectively.

The Google Doodle games will not only keep you safe at home but also help you grasp the basics of coding. For many years now Google has been developing mini-games in the form of doodles and keeping them in an archive. Google is doing all this to help you get over your boredom and to keep you safe at home.

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What is the new Google Doodle game

The new Google Doodle game is currently available online and is free to play. The game is not just any other casual level-based puzzle game. This a very advanced platformer that forces you to think of an optimal solution for every level. The game showcases a rabbit who is out to eat some carrots.

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The graphic style is 3D pixel-based. It is a very beautiful and intelligent game to pass your time with. In hindsight, the game also teaches you algorithms which is the basic block of computer programming. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to ravish communities, people continue to follow strict lockdown measures. Boredom looks like second nature for every other human on this planet.

But with this new advancement from Google people can now spend time playing this interactive Google Doodle game. Also, for all the coders out there Google is providing a chance to develop your own Google doodle games. The best ones will feature in the platform every week and people all over the world will play your game.

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