Google increases data packs: Google Fi customers get 30GB data free due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic!

Google Fi

The Coronavirus outbreak has put the entire world on pause. People are staying inside their home and all work is shifted to remote servers online and students are studying online. People, however, have to rely on their connection providers to get a good internet connection. T-Mobile has analyzed data on how much more internet is used in this pandemic situation. Because there is a steep spike in internet usage globally. Google is definitely aware of it and is not taking any chances with its customers. Because Google Fi customers can now enjoy full uninterrupted online activities.

Recent changes took place in their plan. But according to this, users on both, Unlimited as well as Flexible plans will benefit. They will receive 30GB of high-speed uninterrupted internet without paying extra.

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What is the new Google Fi plan?

Flexible plan of Google Fi normally gives 15GB of high-speed internet, before reducing speed to 256kbps. But now, the speed is reduced after exhausting 30GB of high-speed internet.

Although the additional spike in data is less for their Unlimited plan users. They already have a 22GB limit on their data. So, they receive only 8GB of free high-speed internet. But, it is still an increase of 30%. This is not a bad improvement considering the global economy at the moment.

There is more good news for Google Fi customers. Google is extending its grace period of bills to 60 days. This means your service will continue for 2 more months after a bill is due. This helps people in general who have lost their source of income. The economy is hit badly by the Coronavirus pandemic. But still, this gesture by Google shows the company’s good HR policies.

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Although Google is not the only company to make kind gestures towards its client base. Other companies like T-mobile and Verizon are also providing similar perks. Roku TV is providing 30 days of free premium content, while Amazon Prime makes 40 kids show free to stream for all users.

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