Google is spying on you! Here’s how you should delete all 100 malicious chrome extensions

Google Chrome
Google Chrome reports almost 100 malicious applications and extensions in their store

Malware is getting more well versed with every passing day. Previously malware was very common in terms of attachments and downloads. Though the method behind spread still remains the same. These malicious have changed the game nowadays. It is no more about suspicious email threads or ‘I Love You‘ texts. Malware has suddenly become more cunning and is trying its best to hide in all sorts of applications. A recent victim of this spread is Google Chrome.

The popular browser which lets you download and install many extensions is home to many such applications. A few of the recent extensions are breeding grounds for illegal cyber activity. And all of these are a result of some of the other browser extensions. More than 3000 of such extensions have been terrorizing the digital world for a long time now. Here is a tab-separated list of all such extensions made public by Awake Security.

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Google Chrome malware extensions and how to remove them

In recent days almost 111 extensions are present in the Google online store which showcase such malicious behavior. These applications don’t appear to be harmful at first sight. However, the chrome extensions are not suitable for use and gather user data along with their browsing history while people haplessly traverse through the internet.

What makes it scarier is the fact that they are hiding in plain sight. Some of these extensions are even worse as they steal user credentials from all visited business sites. All such malicious extensions link to something even stranger. Almost 15,000 of these extensions are purchased from a single registrar called Galcomm. However, the company denies any and all allegations against them. However, it is partly Google’s fault because in 2018 they promised no entry to any malicious app in the Google Chrome extension store.

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How you can remove any malicious extensions?

Normally you can see the icon of all extensions in the browser top bar on the right-hand side. However, in terms of many malicious extensions, you will not be able to see them.

  • In your computer open Google Chrome.
  • Go to the top-right corner of your screen and click on the 3-dots (more) button.
  • From there click on More tools–>Extensions
  • Check all the extensions which are not from a trusted resource and then click on Remove.
  • Confirm by clicking Remove once more.

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