Google Pixel launches the new “safety check” tool in 2020! Now you will never be scared while walking alone!

Google Pixel
Using the new Google Pixel safety check tool you can now take care of your personal security issues online

Google is currently busy making our personal lives safer. The company is launching a new set of features in the latest update for google pixel, the company is launching its personal safety features which include the new “safety check” tool. Though you may not walk alone on the road every day, even if you are you will feel safe now. The new feature allows time-wise check-ins for your personal safety.

Google Pixel is currently taking all such matters into their own hands. The company is working rigorously in order to maintain strict policies for personal safety. The “safety check” app is not the only feature update from Google. The newly launched Google Recording app is also a new feature that lets you record voices using Google Assistant. You can now get all these audio transcripts in the new Google Docs if you want.

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Google Pixel: Safety Check update!

Though the time may not be set, the app will continue with the safety checks from time to time. On your screen, the app will ask about your status. Here you can dismiss the message by saying you are ‘OK‘, but you can also dial 911 or share your location with the nearest contacts and an emergency helpline.

Google Pixel

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But in the worst-case scenario lets just say that you are not able to do any of this. The phone will automatically notify all your emergency contacts and send your location using google maps. However, there is no option to call 911 automatically. This helps to prevent likely false-positives. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below!

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