Governments are trying to ban Wildlife trade, as Researchers in Netherlands say Mink fur spreads Coronavirus!

Mink fur spreads Coronavirus
Mink fur spreads Coronavirus

Authorities in the Netherlands suspect that a mink has helped spread coronavirus. However, a mink may not have spread it directly, in fact it may have infected an entire fur farm in the Netherlands. If this research holds true, it will become the first case to find concrete evidence about the origin of the deadly pandemic. Analysis of the environment was able to find a strong connection between the strain of COVID-19 in the workers and that in the animals.

But this puts forward a very disturbing theory about the cross-species transmission of the virus. It solidifies the fact that the virus can be transmitted from animals to humans. Researchers conclude that a staff member caught the virus from a mink before spreading it.

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Coronavirus origin: Mink fur farms

Brian Bird, a veterinarian, and associate at the University of California says the Coronavirus has the potential to infect any and all animals. This puts many humans at risk. This is mainly because of the pets the humans have in their house. If cross-species contamination holds true, then these people are in the most danger.

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In the very beginning bats were the most likely reservoir for coronavirus. This is mainly because of the strain found in the genome of a horseshoe bat. But no researchers in the world could establish a relation for the virus to jump from bats to humans. Another fact that remains unknown is that an intermediate host like the pangolin may also be able to infect humans.

The Dutch government is currently busy making statements about stopping production in all fur farms. The government is also trying to ban wildlife transfer for the time being. Let us know what you think about this condition in the comments section below and we are proud to announce Sciencenews18 is now available on telegram, Do join it quickly!

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