Hendersonville COVID-19 pandemic: 23 Coronavirus cases linked to residents and staff at Cherry Springs Village in Henderson!


The Henderson County Health Department confirms 23 positive cases of Coronavirus. All of the individuals are linked to residents and staff at Cherry Springs Village. Cherry Springs Village is a living community in Hendersonville.

But this brings the county’s total COVID-19 cases up to 50. Steve Smith, Henderson County Health Director, wants to acknowledge the obvious health concern of the county. Because with the COVID-19 cases up to 50, families need to abide by strict lockdown protocols. It is a very difficult situation for everyone in Hendersonville.

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Laura Moore is the sister of one of the COVID-19 patients in the resident. She says her sister just had a fever and it was not even that high. But Moore’s sister, Alicia Rogers, is 50 years old. She says it is all happening after 3 weeks of the strict protocol by facilities.

She says, ” But no one is allowed to go in. We can only take things to our loved ones to the door”. People worry about how much unknown surrounds the COVID-19 virus. But just after confirming the additional cases all health bodies in the county are working together.

Cherry Springs Village released a media statement about the case. The official statement is–



Since early February, Cherry Springs Village has complied with infection-control policies, in compliance with guidelines set by the CDC and the NC State Health Department. Hendersonville will continue to work with the local health department in order to maintain a healthy well-being.

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But, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, as of Sunday, there are COVID-19 outbreaks in 8 nursing homes across the state.

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