The picture perfect Hope Orbiter launch from United Arab Emirates today, When will it reach Mars?

United Arab Emirates
UAE launches Mars Hope Orbiter successfully today onboard the H-IIA Rocket

The Mars Hope Orbiter mission launch from the United Arab Emirates completed successfully as the probe heads for the Red Planet by 2021. This is the first Arab interplanetary mission that is on its way through space. The United Arab Emirates is almost one step closer to successfully land the Arab world’s first mission to Mars.

The Hope Mars mission also named Al Amal probe has taken off from Tanegashima, Japan with an assist from the Mitsubishi rocket booster. This mission is going to be the start of something new when people start heading for a human mission to Mars.

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The United Arab Emirates launch Mars Hope Orbiter today

As with all the rocket launches, this one too started with a countdown. But, just like many aspects of this mission, the launch from the United Arab Emirates was a historic one. The mission was however not one without hiccups. As it had its own problems with JAXA.

A bigger issue behind the delay was the Coronavirus pandemic which pushed back the mission operations. The mission launched successfully and is going to land on the Red Planet sometime in February 2021. NASA Perseverance rover is also going to launch for Mars by the end of this month and so is the Chinese spacecraft named Tianwen-1.

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All of these missions are going to be the stepping stone for the upcoming human mission to Mars. The Hope Mars mission is a big success as of now and every space agency in the world seems to congratulate them on their launch.

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