How did Biogen spread Coronavirus in the United States? The Premier health company is a COVID-19 ‘Super-spreader’!


Biogen is a privatized Premier health biotechnology company in the United States of America. The biotech firm unknowingly became the largest spreader of Coronavirus in the United States. Biogen held its company meeting in Harbor View Ballroom of Boston Marriot Long Wharf Hotel. The incident took place on February 26, 2020.

Around 170 people from the company visited the meeting. Because it was a leadership conference. But within a few days of the event, the COVID-19 epicenter shifts to the same location. It is difficult for the health administration to track everyone, as they flew to different states of the country.

The Massachusetts Public Health Administration found around 100 employees infected with COVID-19. But the spread did not stop there. Because all of these employees’ contacts also caught the virus. This includes everyone they came into contact with within the flight. This can potentially mean that these people contaminated the health of the entire nation.

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Why did Biogen allow the conference to go on despite the government’s notice?

The United States government made it pretty clear around the month of January to stop any and all mass gatherings. The biotech company still did not care. Biogen kept on running its daily work along with planning for the conference. Sony, an even bigger company, canceled its PAX East Gaming Expo which was scheduled for 27 February 2020. Still, even after getting so many signs, Biogen did not care.

This not only shows the kind of example Biogen is setting. But it also portrays the bullishness of American corporates. In the end, this decision cost the country ith human lives.

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The company is known for its work on drugs to cure Alzheimer’s. But now everything seems to be in vain. The United States report 22,115 deaths until now. Biogen may not be responsible for all of it, but it is surely responsible for a part of it.

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