How did the Coronavirus pandemic spread? Was it from the Bats or the pangolins? WHO Researchers explain how the virus jumped from animals to humans

WHO researchers confirm that Coronavirus pandemic is spreading from animals to humans

The Coronavirus pandemic is still spreading all over the world, while researchers try finding a cure. The most important part about finding a treatment is to find the source of the virus. Previously many researchers believed that the Coronavirus cannot jump from animals to humans. But according to the current studies, it is not an impossible assumption. Because bats are the only organisms that house the deadly virus in their body. The only way humans were exposed to it is through a secondary organism.

There is some ongoing research about how the virus spreads from a bat to a pangolin first. The humans were exposed due to consuming pangolins. This is mainly how the SARS and MERS viruses also started to spread. SARS spread from bats to civet cats at first while MERS started spreading to humans through dromedaries.

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Pangolins: Source of the Coronavirus pandemic

Researchers from China recently identified that the virus is not spreading to humans directly from bats. But it is possible for the infectious disease to jump species. This is the main reason why having pets can seem to be a problem now. Previously, a few researchers claimed that the virus originated from mink farms. But the latest reports show a 99% match between the genome of Coronavirus in bats and pangolins and humans.

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WHO researchers have successfully proved that it is possible for the COVID-19 to move from species to species. However, this contradicts their previous statement that we were safe from animals.

Overall, if you have a pet that suffers from coronavirus try to keep it away from yourself and other humans. It is always better to prevent than to repent. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below!

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