How is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos saving his employees? The richest man in the world is ready to fight Coronavirus!

Jeff Bezos

The Coronavirus pandemic is seemingly unstoppable. Studying online, and work from home tends to be an everyday norm. On top of this more than half of the world is in lockdown. But still, there are certain people who need to do there job on-site and are hence prone to the virus. But Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has an answer for that too.

The world’s richest man has the utmost concern about the health of all his frontline employees. Jeff Bezos is helping build a Coronavirus testing lab, which will be first used on all of Amazon’s first-line employees.

All of the company’s program managers, research scientists, data scientists, solutions specialists, and software engineers have shifted their focus from their daily jobs. They now work together as a unit to help fulfill this mission.

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Assembling of the operation has begun for their first lab. At first, they will be testing small numbers of their frontline employees. The Blog released by Amazon explains the procedure in detail.

Amazon stands by the principle of protecting their employees in health and security. The blog explains all about the steps taken to make life easy at Amazon.

What did Jeff Bezos do for his employees?

  1. The top concern for Amazon has always been the good health of its employees. Over 150 process updates took place to help employees keep social distancing.
  2. But it did not stop there. Jeff Bezos made sure that all of his employees received masks. Interval inducing temperature checks became a norm in all Amazon companies worldwide.
  3. Currently, the company is working on scalable testing of Coronavirus.
  4. Around 100,000 job postings became available to help meet customer demands. But it will also help other employees deliver the product faster.
  5. Wages were increased globally by $2 per hour.
  6. A $25 million relief fund is sanctioned to help the victims of Coronavirus.

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Currently, the company is focussing on high volume testing capacity as it believes a vaccine is a long way from here. Till then testing and tracking will help curb the spread of the virus.

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