How is Oregon able to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic? US Government announces reopening of the lockdown in Wallowa County

Wallowa County

Governor Kate Brown recently announced the lifting of lockdown policies in Wallowa county.¬†Says the county can start to enter the first phase of the state’s reopening plan starting from May 15, 2020. However, many states in the United States have still not recovered from the Coronavirus pandemic. The country is slowly heading towards the 100,000 death mark. But somehow the state of Oregon in the US has managed to keep very low cases.

Almost 33 counties in the state of Oregon, USA, are planning to reopen its lockdown policies. The Coronavirus pandemic has only caused 1 case in Wallowa County, Oregon, USA. There is a possibility that virus infections may increase once the lockdown is lifted. But it is a risk worth taking, because of the crumbling economy of the states.

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Wallowa County: Lifting lockdown in Oregon

In the beginning, Phase 1 of the procedure will start, which is to acknowledge the decline in the rate of Coronavirus cases. Phase 1 will include preparing sufficient Coronavirus testing and tracing capability, introduce plans to contain any new cases of COVID-19, and increase hospital capacity to contain any surge in COVID-19 cases.

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Counties will remain in Phase 1 for nearly 21 days before advancing towards Phase 2. To date, Wallowa County has had only one COVID-19 case. This shows that Oregon is healthy enough to go back to normal activities within a month. The country’s quick judgment to introduce laws for strengthening social distancing policies helped a lot to help decrease the number of Coronavirus cases.

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