Hydroxychloroquine pushed as a Coronavirus treatment by U.S.A., India to reconsider ban on exporting the anti-malarial drug after Trump’s request!


The United States president, Donald Trump has been pushing federal health officials to use hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment since March 2020. Because the president believes that the malaria drug can miraculously cure the coronavirus.

Shortly after, the federal officials published unusual guidance informing health officials about the same. The doctors have the option to prescribe the medicine with proper dosing information based on the presidents’ speech. This drug is administered without any proper research.

President Donald Trump, in a series of tweets, makes it obvious about his support for hydroxychloroquine. But the question still remains.

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Does the drug have any clinical backing? No. Because the guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has rare notice outside medical groups.

This entire ordeal by the President can change the way how the medical system works. Never in the history of the world did a President, with no medical knowledge, lobbied regulators and health officials. President Trump is ordering health officials to focus on one specific unproven drug.

Jeffrey Flier is a former dean of Harvard Medical School. He says, ” The president is destroying and short-circuiting the process. Because he is using his ‘gut-feelings'”. The people are in an emergency. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure all potential therapies are tested in an objective and effective way. The government needs to stop using humans as their guinea pigs.

The White House stands by the President’s action. Because it is clear by their statement which says, ” It is not a pressure campaign. The President took appropriate action”.

Trump requests India to supply Hydroxychloroquine

US President Donald Trump is currently requesting India to supply Hydroxychloroquine. But, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has put a ban on any global export of the anti-malarial drug. But, India is currently considering lifting its ban. Trump urged Prime minister Narendra Modi to supply more anti-malaria drugs. The USA is the epicenter of Coronavirus. Hydroxychloroquine is given to the health workers and first responders.

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Analysts view the President’s request in multiple ways. Because it symbolizes India’s contribution to the pharmaceutical sector. At his White House, Trump had a call with India’s PM.

India is giving the thought serious consideration. But, the option to help is still open. COVID-19 is destroying the USA. But self-quarantine is the best option against coronavirus.

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