Iceland tests 10% of its total population, beats the United States in Coronavirus testing!


The entire world is facing the wrath of Coronavirus. The main part of this entire procedure is to determine all of the affected individuals. But here is the main problem. The population is huge in every country. There is not enough medical manpower to help in such an endeavor. The global population stands at around 7.8 billion at this moment. That are a lot of people for testing.

But Iceland has done the impossible. It has successfully achieved something that the whole world could not. The country successfully tested 10% of its population for Coronavirus. This number is way higher than any other country. No scientist around the world has the answer about the virus, which swept away 102,000 lives.

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How did Iceland test 10% of its population for Coronavirus?

Iceland became the first country to reach this number. But it is only in terms of percentage. Because Iceland is a small sparsely populated European country. The total population size of Iceland is 364,134. This number is almost the same as in people living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

10% of this population, refers to about 36,413 people being tested. But it is still a real feat for the country. Because just like the low population, the number of medical manpower available is short too. Therefore this is a big achievement for Iceland.

Considering the scale of an area is important while doing such tests. Speaking on similar bases the United States fell short by a lot.

But this mass testing also brings forward a lot of details in Iceland. Almost 50% of the people tested turned out positive for COVID-19. Even more concerning is the fact that these people do not show any symptoms. So, the majority are just asymptomatic carriers of Coronavirus.

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Iceland has still not declared any kind of National Lockdown. Many daily businesses and shops are still open. But the government has banned any gathering of more than 20 people. The country is following a mass spread trust system. The government trusts the people will make the right choice and practice isolation and social distancing.

As of today, Iceland has 1,600 Coronavirus infection cases and 6 deaths.

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