In this lockdown start exercising to get rid of obesity, Research says obese people are more susceptible to the Coronavirus!


Research shows that obesity is an important factor in play with Coronavirus disease. This is also an alarming message for the United States, the country with the highest obesity rate in the world. But this also proves why Coronavirus quickly shifted epicenter from China to the USA.

How does Obesity affect Coronavirus?

Young adults especially the ones just out of adolescence are at the most risk here. Obesity is often in link with many respiratory ailments. This study comes with the conclusion that most of the patients having Coronavirus are obese and have no other past medical issues. Obesity causes chronic inflammation in the stomach area. This helps the virus receptors to attach with the viral RNA.

Obesity also increases the circulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which accidentally attach to the ACE2 enzyme of the lungs.

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According to the statistics, almost 75 million Americans suffer from obesity. No wonder America is suffering from an outbreak of the global pandemic.

Most of the deaths in America are from New York and New Jersey, both are home to many obese people. But the people in the midwest are also equally overweight and need to be careful now. Researchers see that there is a spike in the rates of child obesity in the USA now. This is bad news for America, as there will be a rise in child hospitalizations now.

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To stay safe in this pandemic doctors suggest staying at home and do some kind of light exercise. Freehand and bodyweight exercises are a great way to lose weight. But, keep in mind do not overwork yourself. Let us know about the exercise you chose to do in the comments below.

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