India facing huge losses in Smartphone Market due to Lockdown, production rate drops by 30%!


The smartphone market is facing downsizing in production amidst the lockdown. In India, production is already low and started just before the lockdown commenced. Online distributors are also not selling any electronic equipment at a time of such an emergency. Only necessary groceries are on offer. But device replacement strategies are also not working.

How did the lockdown smartphone industry affect India?

This industry slowdown will hit even big in countries like China. The smartphone industry in China started seeing its downfall since January. But the situation was improving around early March when things were going back to normal. But the incoming secondary fiscal might show a slight rebound with a few positives all through the year 2020 in China.

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India and a few other countries are not that lucky. Because the Coronavirus hit these plains around March. The production rate may be as low as that of China but the economic breakdown will last longer. In China, the main part of production slowdown was discrepancies in the supply chain. In most other countries people are trying just to survive. People are assessing their economic standpoint and only then can they think of a new smartphone.

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In India, the smartphone production fell by around 30% for the month of March amidst the lockdown period.  Throughout the nation, smartphone production is on hold. Once the lockdown ends researchers believe that the country will see a strong recovery. But some people will change their buying patterns due to the pandemic.

At such a time of the pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) declared the world to be in a recession. According to the IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva, the worldwide development will flip sharply damaging in 2020, and over 170 international locations will expertise damaging per capita revenue development this year.

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