India gets ready for the first Solar Eclipse of 2020 as we list all the myths that you should ignore!

Solar Eclipse
India will see the solar eclipse tomorrow from the morning and you can see it from your house

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, people will get to see 2020’s first-ever solar eclipse tomorrow. The Annular solar eclipse on June 21, will be visible directly from a few selective parts of India. People from the narrow corridors of northern India like Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttarakhand will be able to clearly see the eclipse.

After two lunar eclipses, this year will witness its first Solar Eclipse on June 21. When it’s a total eclipse, the light of the Sun is fully covered by the Moon, however, in partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured. However, this one is going to be an annular eclipse. This Annular solar eclipse is going to form a ring of fire, as reported by NASA.

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Annular Solar Eclipse 2020: Do’s and Dont’s

In India, you will be able to see the partial eclipse on 21 Jun, at 09:15:58 am. However, only on 12:10:04 am will you be able to see the symbolic ‘Ring of Fire‘. During any type of eclipse, there are a few dos and don’ts which most follow. But, India is very auspicious when it comes down to matters of ‘Grahan‘ and solar eclipse.

Here is a list of few things you need to keep in mind for tomorrow’s event.

  • People usually prefer to stay indoors and not consume any food items during the time of the Grahan or eclipse.
  • Darbha grass or Tulsi leaves are put in eatables and water to prevent the ill effects of the eclipse.
  • Chanting of mantras dedicated to sun god is another practice followed by many households in the country. Though, this is more prevalent in religious households all across the country.
  • Though it makes no perfect sense, many refrain from drinking water during the time period of eclipse.

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  • Many Indians also prefer not to cook during this period.
  • Remember to not look at the sun directly during this period as it may damage your eyes. It may cause permanent damage to the eyes leading to blindness.
  • The safe technique to observe the solar eclipse is either by using a proper filter like aluminized Mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14, or by making a projection of Sun’s image on a whiteboard by telescope.

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