India may have a cure to the Coronavirus, Max Healthcare research shows promising effects of Hydroxychloroquine!


India is currently facing many difficulties in order to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic. But scientists hope this battle will be over sooner than expected. This is because pharmacists at Max Healthcare has announced a mass-testing of the new clinical trial. The new test will be for all of its 10,000 employees. This research study will help understand the exact effect of hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis (HCQ’s) in humans. This will help to develop the right dosage for all humans in order to serve as a cure for the Coronavirus.

Max Healthcare along with Radiant lifecare is performing this research study to understand the effectiveness of HCQ and collect serological data. This data stream will help identify a relation between hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis and the Coronavirus infection.

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Hydroxychloroquine study enforced by ICMR

The proposed research sheds a lot of light on the use of HCQ’s as prophylaxis under recommendation from the National Task Force formed by the ICMR. On the basis of this generated research paper, Max Healthcare will decide whether to go ahead or not.

As of now, Hydroxychloroquine is an SOS medicine for all high-risk Coronavirus cases in India. Max Healthcare is the first recipient to produce a study approved by ICMR. This is also the first research study of India on Coronavirus to be present at clinicaltrials.gov.

The main of this research study is to reach out to all healthcare workers (HCW’s). Then administer them with trial hydroxychloroquine drugs. After administering, the HCW’s will be in constant touch to help understand the reaction pattern of HCQ with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Max Healthcare is currently investing all its resources on this project. There is an ongoing petition about the hydroxychloroquine and its side effects. But, the researchers speak of no such case. As of now, the study is continuing.

We hope that India will soon have a cure readily available, and will also help our planet to overcome this pandemic. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Stay healthy and stay inside!

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