India will go to Moon! Japan will help ISRO build a landing rover for Moon mission – Gaganyaan 2021


ISRO plans to succeed in the upcoming moon mission for 2022 as JAXA helps build a lunar rover for the Gaganyaan mission. Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) is currently working very closely with JAXA for an upcoming space mission. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is working hand in hand with India for the upcoming Lunar Polar Exploration of 2023. This new space exploration mission will be very crucial for Indo-Japanese ties. However, ISRO is already planning for the relaunch of GISAT-1. The satellite launch postponed due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

JAXA will be taking care of the overall landing module for the upcoming Gaganyaan 2022 as ISRO keeps designing and developing the lander system. The lunar module will help carry the first Indian to space. Moreover, the rover will help explore the undiscovered regions of the lunar territory.

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ISRO Gaganyaan 2022: Lunar Polar Exploration

The upcoming lunar mission aims to send a lander and rover to the Moon’s surface. Both, JAXA and ISRO are continuously working on this program in order to come to an efficient and cost-effective solution. The Japan space agency will be in charge of maintaining the integrity of the upcoming spacecraft as Indian scientists focus on the internal mechanisms of the rocket.

The upcoming mission is very important for both countries. The recently upcoming Gaganyaan mission will land the first Indian man on Moon by 2022. However, the Lunar Polar Exploration of 2023 will be a completely different research mission.

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It will help enable studies about the dark side of the moon which is not visible to humans from Earth. Though the job is divided across two countries, the entire team works as one in order to guarantee success.

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