What will gamers do now? Indian government plans to ban almost 250 apps including PUBG

India bans 47 China clone apps yesterday as Government plans ban of 250 more apps

India is currently trying to completely ban China from the country. And the recent effectivity of the digital airstrike is evidence that India is planning to further boycott China. The previous digital airstrike in the country led to the ban of 59 apps which included the popular social media video-sharing app called TikTok.

However, it turns out that the list goes on and on and currently the Government has decided to take this one step ahead. As an ultimatum to China, India is going to ban almost 250 more applications which are made in China. This is very bad news to the young generation in India which is focussed on mobile gaming. The popular Batte Royale game, PUBG, is going to face a ban very soon.

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PUBG to face ban as India boycotts China

The government has currently drawn a list of 275 Chinese applications that will examine any violation in terms of national security and user privacy. This signals heightened scrutiny and the possibility of more Chinese internet companies facing strong rejection in the country.

This step actually follows the high-profile banning of the 59 applications that the government banned first. In case PUBG gets banned in India, many gamers will lose their daily income source. The free battle royale game has made itself a source of income for many youths of the nation. However, this may not be the case anymore.

People need to look for alternatives soon as the government is willing to take the drastic steps very soon and these applications and games will soon vanish from the play store as well as your device.

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The removal of so many applications is a signal that India is no longer going to entertain China in terms of any negotiation. The digital airstrike seems to be the best way of retaliation as there in life loss involved. Let us know what you have to say about this in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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