Is 3D Printing the right way to help defeat Coronavirus? The MakerVsVirus Germany network claims to help people in the pandemic

3D Printing

Doctors and healthcare workers around the world are facing shortages of protective equipment. However, technology geeks all around the world are trying to help as much as they can. A new revolution has taken place in this short amount of time. Though many technologies are proving helpful, 3D printing is the most useful amongst them.

Science enthusiasts, hobbyists, and even industrial personalities are all helping out the regular frontline workers. A workshop in Darmstadt has become the hotspot for the dropping of all such inventions which help fight Coronavirus.

3D printing technology is helping to produce large amounts of face shields and sending them to various parts of Germany and even Greece. However, it is possible because of the German MakerV/sVirus network which spreads till Austria and Switzerland.

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3D Printing to produce face shield

The initiative from the German network allows almost 7,000 volunteers to use their 3D printers and other coveted gadgets to produce effective medical gear. With frontline workers scrambling for PPE kits and other useful medical resources, these tech geeks help fill a majority of the gap.

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The network, however, uses motivated individuals who want to make a change in this world. By the end of April, the group managed to deliver almost 1,600 shields to the medical professionals in the region. But this is the result of only one area in Germany. Across almost 180 MakervsVirus hubs in the country, almost 100,000 PPE kits were delivered to the frontline workers.

The procedure of producing such masks is pretty simple. With the proper design in mind, any interested person can do it. However, all you need to have is the passion to do some good for society.

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